We know what a stressful experience searching for spare parts is; getting the right part of the correct specifications and in the right quantity and fitment – it’s just a horrendous task in today’s market. We have set up our B2B online spare-parts marketplace to provide you with 100% genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) spares. You are welcome to browse the multiple industry-specific spare categories in our online catalog and make your choice. If you’re still not convinced, here are three reasons why BookMySpares.com is the ideal solution to your spare parts dilemma.

  1-  100% Genuine Brands

Our online marketplace’s virtual library is stocked only with 100% genuine spare parts, manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) themselves. For example, if you are looking for a crucial part for a top-brand front loading washing machine, we have it, from the same brand as the machine. This ensures that the part fits the washing machine and you’re able to deliver to your customer seamlessly. It’s a simple task to look up the part and make the purchase on our marketplace.

2-  Industry-specific Product Listing

The spares listed in our online marketplace’s virtual library are categorized based on different industries. It’s not like wading through a huge warehouse looking for the spares to fit a particular machine belonging to a specific industry. All you do with us is to open the virtual catalog, scroll down to your specific industry and select your required spare. It’s that easy.

3-  Door-step Delivery and Easy returns

Whether you want a single spare or multiples just make your purchase and we will deliver it to your door in a few business days. You can count on our delivery and go ahead and commit to your stakeholders. We have strategically designed our online marketplace in order to enable you to source genuine OEM parts at economical rates. We deliver to your door no matter in which part of India you’re located.

If, for some reason, you realize that you’ve made the wrong purchase, then you can return the spares to us just as easily and we can replace them with the parts you actually need. Either that or you can return them, ask for a refund, and shop for different parts with us. Please read the terms and conditions for easy returns on our site. Believe it or not, purchasing spares for complex engineering can be as simple as shopping for market goods.


We would like to reduce the chance of returns, given your critical time-to-market constraints. Our online customer support is happy to help you select your spares. If you’re still not sure about something, or if you have doubts with regard to our ordering or fulfillment process, please feel free to call us and we’ll help you through the process. Once you get accustomed to the online marketplace, you’ll continue to shop for spares like a pro.